Direct Mortgage Funding is dedicated to the protection and security of any and all pertinent information associated with the process of obtaining a home loan. We not only want, but also need your faith and trust in our ability to keep your information private. Therefore, we have put the most current and up-to-date encryption methods in place to facilitate that security.

All information entered into any form at Direct Mortgage Funding is protected against unauthorized disclosure by encryption during transmission and storage. Information transmitted over the Internet is encrypted using RSA Security Systems encryption. The transmission encryption key length is 128 bits, which is considered secure against all plausible attacks by security experts worldwide. Once entered, the information is stored on disk using RSA encryption with a key length of 64 bits.

Rest assured that Direct Mortgage Funding will not give, sell or trade ANY personal, financial or any other information to any outside parties, with the exception of those materially involved in the real estate, loan approval and/or closing process. This type of information includes, but is not necessarily limited to name, address, phone, social security number, employment, income, assets and credit information.

Direct Mortgage Funding will not assume any liability for any unsecured systems used to send information to us for purposes of obtaining a home loan. We can only ensure security once received into our system.